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Video and Graphics Scaler with Geometry Correction and Edge Blending


Image AnyPlace-200 is a high performance video and graphic image scaler with Geometry Correction and Edge Blending capabilities. It adds new input and output formats, higher resolutions and additional control functionality to the feature set of the already popular Image AnyPlace product.

Image AnyPlace-200 provides AV professionals and home theater enthusiasts with an unprecedented ability to correct off-axis projector placement of up to 40 degrees horizontally and/or vertically, including projection onto curved, cylindrical, spherical and irregular surfaces. Its unique 4 corner Keystone Correction enables precise fitting (accuracy of 0.25 of a pixel) to real-world screens, and its superior Edge Blending capabilities, make Image AnyPlace-200 the product of choice in 3D and projector stacking situations.

Image AnyPlace-200 offers an extensive set of input and output formats, including HD-SDI, as well as multiple control options for installers. To learn more about the Image AnyPlace-200 product line, please see the product brief below.


Download IA-200 Product Brief

IA-200 Application

IA-200 Backpanel View

Download IA-200 Product Brief

Curved Screen Applications


The IA-200 carries the world's first chip-set for real-time pixel mapping (eWarp). Virtually any shape can be achieved using the grid-based eWarp Designer software that comes with the system (see Picture 1 below). This allows for creative non-flat screen applications and provides with undistorted image quality (see Picture 2).


Picture 1 - eWarp Designer Software allows to create virtually any shape using the grid-to-fit method.


Picture 2 - The created shape is stored inside the box and all images are being shaped in real-time, maintaining highest levels of quality


Download IA-200 Product Brief


SoftEdge Blending


For certain applications like 360 degree projection, it is necessary to merge several projectors into one large screen. Then it is important to seamlessly blend the images and hide the overlap areas, to avoid distracting effects on the screen.

The IA-200 comes with an optional EdgeBlending capability to blend multiple images for flat- and curved-screen applications.(see Pictures A - D below)


Seamlessly blending two images with two different projectors


Applications for Multiple Screen Setups include the following:


Blending two 4:3 images to create a 16:9 image


Blending several curved screens for panoramic projection


Blending several rows of images for a large screen application


Download IA-200 Product Brief