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The iSignager-500 is an innovative Digital Signage Player for single display applications.


Download iSignager Data Sheet

Multiple Content Player


The iSignager-500 allows for playing several content on the same display simultaneously to maximize the information output at point-of-sales. The license-free Design Software enables users to easily create individual Layouts and Sequences and to schedule and synchronize the content.  


The content is stored inside the player (on either CF card or optional HDD drive) and can be easily updated through CF card, USB stick or LAN network

The player can be programmed to display live feed (TV, DVD, PC, etc...) that is fed through the RCA input, allowing to combine live images with scheduled content.

Multi-content display includes:

  • up to 5x Picture-Slide shows
  • 1 video or live feed
  • up to 2 vertical banners/tickers
  • up to 2 horizontal banners/tickers
  • 1 digital clock
  • 1 audio playback file

Example of Digital Signage Player Setup for two displays playing the same content.


Sample Screen:


Download iSignager Data Sheet